Accepting Syrian Refugees From The United States Essay

Accepting Syrian Refugees From The United States Essay

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The ongoing debate about accepting Syrian Refugees to the United States, is a topic that has polarized many Americans in to different groups. There is the group that is opposed to the idea of bringing any of the refugees to this country; based on ideas of fear of what could happen if they do come, whether it is fear of a breach in National Security or economic hardships that would affect the country if we allow them in to the country. Then there are those of us that welcome the idea of bringing in those that need help in their darkest time. What many of us on both sides of the argument do not realize or understand, is the decision in not that simple. There are many things being considered as to why we should let them in. What many people should come to realize; that by letting in refugees in to the country, it can benefit The United States security, economically, and allows us to honor the memory of those that have been coming to The United States for the last two centuries seeking to escape from a dire situation and make a better life for themselves.
By allowing Syrian Refugees in to the country; it gives us an opportunity to turn a potential enemy in to a faithful ally. Yes the refugees are fleeing from Isis soldiers, but that is not all they are fleeing from. They are also fleeing from a very powerful and dangerous Dictator in Bashar al-Assad. The al-Assad family has been in control for over forty years and have lead a brutal regime against their people and have never been a pro-western government. There are people attempting to finally flee from this rule, that if we turn them away, they will have no choice but to turn to another enemy of the al-Assad family for protection (Bier). Namely Isis as they are in current civil war ...

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...eir own government and Isis? That if they are willing to flee and put everything they hold dear at risk by traveling to a foreign land where they may not find help. That they fear more what’s behind them and could never truly trust them.
The United States of America have always been seen as a beacon of hope for those outside of our borders. Our country has grown because of those looking for a new life. Even those that have faced rejection when they came here looking for a new beginning, have become vital components to our society and history. America is not just a country, it is an Idea. An idea that people are willing to abandon their current lives, in hope of finding a better future. To turn away refugees undermines that idea which this country was built on, and distancing ourselves from that idea will not only hurt us culturally, but may hurt our future as well.

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