Acceptance Of Self And Of Others Essay

Acceptance Of Self And Of Others Essay

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“Jesus’ death, he said, broke down the temple barriers, dismantling the dividing walls of hostility that had separated categories of people. Grace found a way” (Yancey). Throughout this class I was constantly reminded of this undeserved gift of grace that we receive on a daily basis, and how we play a role in extending grace to others. I have been challenged to become more flexible in situations where it is hard to extend grace to the undeserving, but this class has helped me understand grace through a new perspective, one that puts my own desires aside in order to be the creation God intended me to be. Grace is not only something we receive as a gift but it 's a gift that I can give to others.
Acceptance of self and of others was a topic that becomes clearer to me as we spent time in discussion and conversation. I always thought that once we can learn to accept those around us we are able to accept ourselves, however I had learned it’s much harder that way. Acceptance of self is huge in building relationship because when we can’t accept who we are, our behaviors, beliefs and values than it would be harder to accept those who carry different beliefs, behaviors and values. Grace applies to both these ideas, when I am able to extend grace to myself for the things I have done wrong rather than being critical I can than learn to extend grace to others. This class has helped me to see how I have treated certain people with tolerance rather than acceptance. This idea of accepting others has opened my eyes and heart in seeing how I have been undermining trust in certain relationships. “Even though we do not need to accept-believe what a person believes, we can still accept-respect what a person is and does and believes” (Mayers). This ...

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...tices from class in order to build effective communication with these people. I valued this class and the assignments that were given because not only were they useful and relative, but I was able to actually spend class time in building relationships with class members.
As a result of this class, I have challenged myself to continuously ask myself the prior question of trust. I should choose to accept those around me who are similar and those who are different. I am able to respect those as equal despite their differences in beliefs and values. I can continuously extend grace to others and myself even when mistakes occur. Though we are all different, we are still created in God’s image and that is something I have to learn when entering a new culture. “Some of us seem so anxious about avoiding hell that we forget to celebrate our journey toward heaven” (Yancey).

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