Essay about The Acceptance Of Same Sex Marriage

Essay about The Acceptance Of Same Sex Marriage

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The Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage
The debate of same sex marriage has been controversial for centuries upon centuries. One of the reason for its high ranking importance is, the issues concerning basic human and moral rights being brought into perspective. Recently, gay marriage has been legalized and shown off with more pride than just the vibrant symbolization of their rainbow flag and marches in NYC. Blood, sweat and tears has gone into the process of the legalization of same-sex marriage and a blind eye should not be turned. However, even though countless same-sex couples have publicized and expressed their sexuality choices, people like minded to Charles Colson still roam around our judgemental society. While there can be plenty of jibber-jabber and shaming of homosexuality; it exists and it is just as “normal” as heterosexual mingling. Some of the uncountable reasons behind why same-sex marriage should be legal include, civil rights, a separate institution from any religious endeavor, the encouragement of strong family values and non judgement and lastly, same-sex couples are more likely to adopt therefore, an increase of children with stability and homes result from same-sex marriage.
One of the most repeated arguments opposing the legalization of same-sex marriage consists of the fact it is against the moral and “proper” definition of marriage. According to MarketWatch magazine (2008), many individuals voted in agreement to the belief that same-sex marriages destroy family values and the sanctity of tradition. Moreover, that homosexuals- generally and in the practice of marriage - goes against religious ideology, such as, Catholicism and Islam. However, civil and religious marriages are two separate institutions. Joe S...

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...tant than the particular structure of families.
In conclusion, same-sex marriage should be legalized because of, human civil rights, the encouragement of family value rather than biology alone and lastly, increases in adoption. Two people of the same sex who love one another should be permitted to publicly celebrate their commitment and sustain the same benefits of marriage as heterosexual couples. Joe Solmonese confirms that one day in the near future, people will look back on today’s same-sex couples and families and ask with raised eyebrows, “Why wouldn’t two people, who have spent their lives committed to one another, be granted the same human rights that most others take for granted?”. Marriage can provide families with true equality, so that is why I stand for same-sex marriages as marriage equality and oppose the statements provided in Charles Colson’s essay.

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