The Acceptance Of Christianity 's Rome Essay examples

The Acceptance Of Christianity 's Rome Essay examples

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The Acceptance of Christianity in Rome
The whole issue of Christianity begins with the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This large character leaves an infinite number of lessons to be entrusted to the Apostles to preach and teach the people. During many centuries, the Prophets had announced that someday God would send a Messiah, to create a new kingdom of Israel. Many Jews believed that Jesus was, in fact, the long-awaited Messiah, but they saw Jesus as a political leader who led the fight against the Romans to regain their independence and establish a powerful earthly kingdom. Although, Jesus did not think in a policy rebellion only in moral and spiritual release, many Jews become disillusioned and turned against him. Jesus was convicted and handed over to the Roman authorities. The procurator, Pontius Pilate, sent Jesus to die on the cross. After the death of Jesus, the Apostles continued the preaching of his doctrine, Christianism. Those who followed Christianity faith was persecuted. During all these sufferings also appear characters with power, which defend Christians and at the end were to succeed in overcoming and completely eliminate the persecution against them. Consequently, Christianity was a religion that domain Roman empire.
The Romans were tolerant with the peoples who conquered, which allowed them to maintain and practice their religious beliefs. However, for the Christians did not exist that same tolerance. They were harassed and persecuted continuously. The main reason for this hostility was that Christians were regarded as bad citizens, rebels, and enemies of the empire. Christians looked down and refused to worship the guardian spirit of the emperor and burn incense on the altar of the goddess Rome, that arose in...

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...down, the statues of their Gods destroyed, their ritual ceremonies prohibited, condemned with the confiscation of property and the death penalty to all those who did not obey the resolutions imperial against paganism. Then, in the year 394, the pagan cults were abolished, giving so the final triumph of Christianity. Subsequently, Theodosius proclaims as the official religion of the Roman Empire to Christianity (Edgar et al. 155).
Christianity was very influential in everything that was the development of political and religious of Rome. It was involved in the major conflicts that the Romans faced between centuries I and III. The persecutions were ineffective against Christians, because their faith was strong. It is also important to clarify that there were many Christians who refused their beliefs and that despite the number of these cases, Christianity persevered.

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