Academic Integrity : All Good Is Hard Essay

Academic Integrity : All Good Is Hard Essay

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Academic Integrity

“All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.” This quote, by Scott Alexander is small explanation of why it doesn’t hurt to do hard work. Taking the easy way out by risking your academic integrity sure is easy but, doesn’t lead to personal benefit. By holding high education standards, consisting of honesty, as well as having the correct interpretation of what is academic dishonesty; we can prevent plagiarism and cheating within the learning environment.
In the end it all boils down to honesty. This concept is highly important because it involves many values of reason and faith. In the community of knowledge, to carry integrity promotes the search for truth and knowledge. Dishonesty, is the path to self destruction and creates a way for poor development of personal character. You’re just deceiving yourself. “in a community that delivers academic honesty we show our respect, fairness, and responsibility.” I quoted these words from Houston Baptist University’s preamble because I believe it possess the correct terminology of what being honest regards to. To respect, to be fair, and to be responsible is the key elements to an individual with academic honesty. You set the goal for a clear future that contains, morals and standards.
Academic dishonesty pertains to anything that qualifies as cheating. Sometimes, students don’t even know that they committed this because the lack a clear understanding of what falls into this category. Dishonesty can range from copying a classmate 's paper, indirectly copying a source in your own words, and not citing sources correctly. An abundance of understanding what is what could be the cause of cheating on ...

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...andards, specifically of honesty, brings trust and assurance between faculty and students. By knowing the causes and what attributes to academic dishonesty, we are more aware of what to be cautious of while taking a test, doing projects, writing essays and the many more assignments students have. Cheating overall, takes away the benefits of gaining a deeper understanding of lessons and shows the lack of moral fortitude.If we work hand in hand and understand the values that are within an academic career we can reach success as a society. Taking a societal approach and working to prevent cheating by presenting the cons that come from cheating may open the eyes of many students to change their ways. Although, cheating makes the pressure of earning an A less of a burden, imagine actually earning that A with gratitude and full understanding. That’s the beauty of learning.

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