Essay on Academic Dishonesty Visual Argument Draft

Essay on Academic Dishonesty Visual Argument Draft

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Academic dishonesty visual argument Draft.

A greek tragedian named Sophocles once said, “i would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating” (Dinovelli). Unfortunately today, college students practice the opposite of this philosophy by engaging in academic dishonesty, a misconduct that is plaguing our college education systems. This type of misconduct still occurs today despite at times there being strict measures taken to avoid or prevent it. As a society that preaches success is only obtained through education, it is crucial for for us to try and find ways to at least solve this issue if possibly not eradicating it as there are real, lasting and severe consequences to be faced if there are no solutions. My visual argument is meant to illustrate the urgent need to reduce if not possibly eradicate academic cheating in our colleges.

In colleges today, a vast majority of students engage in various forms of cheating. Such a claim is backed up by an article by Amy Novotney in the American Psychological Association. In which surveys of over fourteen thousand undergraduates were conducted by professor Donald McCabe, a business professor at Rutgers University, and co-founder of Clemson University International Center for Academic Integrity. They concluded that about two thirds of students admitted to cheating on tests, homeworks and assignments (Novotney). One would assume that surely such an outrageous statistic is surely a kick to the face of the students who work hard and are honest in their academic lifetime, but even more surprisingly is that this type of academic misconduct is not limited to any specific type of students, as students from the top academic institutions in the country such a...

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...erves to highlight the undermining of academic integrity. People might often think of cheating as some very onerous process, thus the writing on hand serves to dispel this as one of the simplest ways that one can employ to participate in this type of academic misconduct.The black color is used to show the severity and seriousness of the problem. The black font for the text is also used so as to make the message stand out to the audience and hopefully impact them in a positive way.

Finally,i 'm hoping that the visual argument highlights the message of upholding academic integrity to college students. My belief is that the power to eliminate academic dishonesty lies primarily in the hands of students. And hence, they need to make the right choice by not allowing to be influenced by their peers as shown by some statistics.

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