Academic Discourse : Academic And Professional Discourse Essay

Academic Discourse : Academic And Professional Discourse Essay

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Academic and Professional Discourse
Discourse is defined as written or verbal communication. Professional and academic discourse uses a higher level of written and verbal communication unlike regular discourse. Professional and academic discourse has two main audiences: the professional audience and the lay audience. The professional audience is where the discourse is used for communication among other professionals; one lawyer to another lawyer discussing a case would be an example of communication among other professionals. The Macmillan Dictionary defines the word “lay” as “not educated or trained to a high or professional standard in a particular subject” Basically the word “lay” means a “nonprofessional” to a certain topic. The discourse for the lay audience is targeted to certain people to either inform them about a product, an issue, or to persuade them on a certain topic.
Academic and professional discourse use professional and or academic writing, and they have several qualities’ that define them as professionally or academically written, from audience, formality, word choice, tone, language, and credibility.
Professional Writing defines professional writing as “a style of written communication used in a workplace environment that allows professionals (e.g. businesspeople, professors, doctors, lawyers, etc.) to make informed decisions. Professional writing typically has a formal tone and differs from written communication that is considered literary or artistic, which generally seeks to entertain and/ or convey a philosophical truth.” In other words, professional writing is formal communication for other professionals and is not intended for entertainment purposes. On the one hand I agree with that, ...

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...nd can all use the characteristics found in academic writing.
In conclusion Professional discourse is discourse targeted to an internal audience (Professionals) or to an external audience (lay audience), and it is meant to either inform or to persuade the reader by depending on grabbing their interest with convincing and or reasonable arguments. on a certain topic. Professional discourse can be the following: advertisements, manuals, hand books, and damage reports.
Academic discourse is used in an academic setting and is any practice of writing that has a purpose of presenting information to the audience, and is usually is nonbiased and sticks to the point. Academic discourse is logical, organized, uses a formal tone, and uses vocabulary correctly. books, book reports, translations, essays, and research papers are all examples of academic discourse.

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