Academic And Professional Account Of An Ngo 's Take Over The Waste Management

Academic And Professional Account Of An Ngo 's Take Over The Waste Management

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Academic and professional account
The media looks at the results of having the NGO’s take over the waste management. However, the government can take the responsibility to be in charge of the waste collection to .ensure they can provide better conditions and wages for the Zabaleen. It may not be achievable over a short period but in the end they will have improved conditions. By so doing they will be able to improve their lives and offer better wages and education. Being in charge, will help them to establish even schools and health facilities for them to ensure they have a better life According to Malik, the Egyptian government can also make plans to make the Zabaleen’s work official in their role of ensuring the ecosystem is complete and sustainable. There can be registration of the companies that take the responsibility of garbage collection with the registration of the Zabaleen families. According to Malik (2010), they can also be registered as members of unions to ensure their rights are respected. Any effort towards ensuring improved welfare of the Zabaleen is a step meant to ensure their safety and better living and working conditions. If the Zabaleen work under registered companies, they are likely to be recognised and their salaries raised to ensure they have a better livelihood (Zhu and World Bank Institute, 2007).

Literature review
The Zabaleen are a minority Christian group that migrated from the upper side of Egypt to Cairo’s outskirts in the 1940’s. They are extremely poor and have always earned their living as garbage collectors. The word Zabaleen originated from the Arabic vocabulary to mean garbage (Goulden and ACCE, 1996). Although the NGO’s came in to help them in the recycling of the metals, plast...

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...dards of living. In case the government does not intend to burden itself with their wages, they can have an NGO in charge of the garbage collection and ensure they set the minimum wages for the workers. Zetter and Hamza (1997) explains the possibility of better services to the Zabaleen if the NGO’s and other private companies take over the waste management.
According to Fahmi (2005), the government may have a difficult time managing the companies in charge of the waste collection. In some situations, they may remain to underpay the workers, and this may not solve the problem. The majority of the companies may not mind the welfare of the workers but may be interested in profits. Registration of the members of the Zabaleen community may not be easy since many members may look at it as a way of trying to trace them and hence may not even want to be formally recognised.

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