Essay on Abusive Supervision a Non-profit Agency

Essay on Abusive Supervision a Non-profit Agency

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I have worked for a non-profit agency for approximately 4 years. The agency is funded by the state of Ohio under the Department of Children and Families. In 2012, the agency was expanded and now consists of approximately 55 employees. Employees range from an Executive Director, seven Supervisors, and other support staff. Prior to 2012 the agency served only up to 200 children and families and the expansion created no cap to referrals that now average upwards of 600 children. With this expansion came many new employees and supervisory changes to the agency.
At this point I had already been with the agency under one supervisor and had flourished.
I quickly became a leader at the agency and mentored many of the newer staff members. During this time I held two different positions as I had been promoted under the same supervisor. Supervision was consistent; once per week and my supervisor also made himself available as needed. My supervisor was supportive, understanding, promoted my growth in the field as well as in the workplace. In addition my supervisor was pivotal in me choosing to continue my education and was extremely flexible with my work schedule when needed.
Due to the changes happening within my agency I was told I would be under a new
supervisor. My performance was such that the upper level management felt I would be needed under one of the new supervisors. For the past two years I have now been working with one of the new supervisors. The role is unique in that I am now the only supervisee as opposed to one of ten under my previous supervisor. My role is such that I am stationed in a different office which has made me feel isolated as I am no longer part of team and my supervisor has not been supportive in th...

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