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The Abused Child Essay

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Imagine being a child stuck in a dark hole alone, and having to face terror for many years. Well A Child Called It shares the everyday battles of a child, David Pelzer, and it reflects the inhumanity of someone who’s supposed to be loving and caring. The story of the abused child, Pelzer, not only tells the insanity of humankind, but show how easy it is for child abuse to be hidden behind walls. At a very young age Pelzer started to suffer and live such a miserable life. Pelzer faced battles where he not only learned to stay strong, but survive the games from the abuser, his mother, the abuser. Throughout the book, Pelzer shares his experience as an abused child, and reveals such extreme mistreatment from his abuser. In this case, as a reader, the story is so outrageous, and such behavior from the abuser can only represent a person whose mental state is unstable.
The abusive behavior committed by Pelzer’s mother wasn’t just a phase, it was everyday torture that lasted for many years. At the beginning of the story Pelzer talks about the mistreatment that he has eventually grown used to it. For example, Pelzer says “I know better than to stand there and take the hit” (Pelzer 3) Pelzer is abused every moment of his life. In every way possible she has learned to hurt and abuse Pelzer, his son. Even in school, his mother controlled Pelzer’s misery. She made Pelzer wear old and dirty clothes with the purpose to humiliate him, so his classmates could make fun of him. Throughout time, Pelzer’s interest to do school work diminished. From day to day, the abuse took his motivation and energy. At home, Pelzer had multiple chores, and was also hit by his mother. One day, she even stabbed him. Eventually, Pelzer learned to bare the abuse, he ...

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...chment theory is Insecure vs. Avoidant. Overall, Pelzer felt isolated and was unable to connect with others and depend from a relationship.
In conclusion, A Child Called It shows the truth about the life of an abused child. This story shares the extreme abusive behaviors, and how easy it is for domestic violence to be hidden. This book is an example of many individuals who are physically abused every day. This story also reveals the horrible aspects of their lives and gives a voice to those who struggle domestic abuse. Even though Pelzer got away from his mother, in the end he was still mentally affected from his mother’s violence. Pelzer’s mother was someone who showed mental problems because no person who’s mentally right would physically abuse their child. In the end, Pelzer was lucky to overcome his abusive life, and share the untold stories from child abuse.

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