Essay about The Abuse of Human Rights Associated with Drug Control Policy

Essay about The Abuse of Human Rights Associated with Drug Control Policy

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TO: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
FROM: Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Drug conventions should not be interpreted and implemented outside of other international laws
When it comes to fighting the war against drugs it has come to our attention that for more than fifty years since the war on drugs was declared, the other international laws like those of human rights and public health have been continuously absent and are viewed as irritative by many UN agencies and governments (War on drugs report 2011). Human rights abuses associated with drug control policies present in different countries are not just perpetrated by the individual governments but by the drug control system itself (Joanne Csete p.1). The drug control system by its aims, current operation, interpretation and implementation of the policies makes the abuses more likely to happen. It is evident that the system focus their energy and every other resources on illicit manufacture or production etc. while intentionally avoiding to combat important but controversial issues just to preserve their international consensus. Therefore, it is right to say that human rights abuses associated with drug control policies are systematic in its nature, that is the drug control system itself is the one that is causing the abuse of other international laws and if a stop is to be made to these abuses, there must be an immediate attempt to resolve the institutional weaknesses and gaps in the international drug control regime itself (Barret Damon).
The debate; whether the Drug Control System / conventions needs to be reinterpreted.
The drug control system one could say that it has had some of the successful drug control efforts, with the tens of thousands displaced by...

... middle of paper ...

...ould fund that project. Finally what they can do is to develop an impact assessment of human rights for the upcoming projects.
This paper has outlined some of the human rights abuses associated with the drug control efforts. It has shown that the abuses though not written down in the conventions, are present because of the current drug control efforts or system. The different institutions under the UN drug control system has the duty not to enforce the drug control measures outside the other international laws, this paper has set out some of the measures that can be taken by the different stakeholders of the UN drug control to ensure that human rights are not abused. Real change will also be seen in the drug control system when the governments and different organizations e.g donors starts pressurizing the international institutions about this issue.

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