Absolute Worst Personality Traits Of The Movie ' The Boy Who Cried Wolf '

Absolute Worst Personality Traits Of The Movie ' The Boy Who Cried Wolf '

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Absolute Worst Personality Traits
Some people can draw a person in with a friendly smile and a simple hello. On the contrary, everyone knows the negative personality traits that most people try to stay away from. Yes, those that most may intentionally run away from. For example, three of the top negative personalities are of those that are dishonest, conceited, and sarcastic. Who really wants to be around someone with these types of flaws? Most people certainly don’t.
Knowing someone that is completely dishonest can be almost unbearable. The mind constantly wonders if everything is a lie. It is so hard to determine what really the truth is. It is like the old story The Boy Who Cried Wolf. When someone lies over and over there comes a point that a person can no longer believe them even when they are telling the truth. Eventually, a dishonest person is likely to steal from their friends and family. This leaves everyone in a very uncomfortable situation. Also, when in a relationship if one partner is dishonest then the relationship is most likely doomed. Once trust is broken it is very hard to rekindle. For some, being dishonest is a way of life. Most people don’t even realize all of the lies they tell because they have become so accustomed to that particular lifestyle. Being dishonest is just like any other bad habit. When a person tells one lie, they have to keep telling more lies to cover up the first lie and it just becomes one huge lie. Most people don’t realize is that just being honest from the start is always the best concept. So what if telling the truth causes a little chaos? This is better than causing a great deal of consequences.
Nothing can make a person want to roll their eyes more than hearing someone g...

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...elings, which is just morally wrong. They want to look good in front of their peers, but behind closed doors there is someone crying their eyes out because they couldn’t take the bullying anymore. If only the sarcastic type could take a step back, pay attention to others, look at their expressions, and determine when enough is enough.
In conclusion, nothing can be worse than being stuck around people with some of the worst personality types. For a lot of people the absolute worst personality traits are being dishonest, conceited, and sarcastic. Most people like to hide from others with these certain personality types. In summation, if people with these particular personality types could look at how their lives affect others and make simple changes they could possibly see positive results not only in the lives of those around them but in their own lives as well.

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