Essay about Absolut Brooklyn Campaign’s Objective

Essay about Absolut Brooklyn Campaign’s Objective

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In the summer of 2011, Absolut Vodka launched a limited edition new flavor red apple and ginger of vodka and named it Absolut Brooklyn. They collaborated with Spike Lee, a filmmaker. He designed the style of the picture that was presented on the bottle. He drew a stoop because that is where he grew up in and the stoop was a place for entertaining. Before this campaign Absolut already produced three city themes which were New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Boston. Brooklyn was chosen for several reasons. Brooklyn is the most populated city in New York City populating 2.5 million people, making it the 4th largest city in the US. The campaign wanted something different that would make an impact in New York and Brooklyn was the perfect candidate for something unique and different. Through research Brooklyn was the new city of popular cool trends with art, music, film, and fashion. It was the new Manhattan. Also Brooklyn was a popular city that many people could trace their roots from.
Target audience for this campaign was educated, professional men and women, ages 21- 29. These audiences should be interested in several areas of pop culture and have friends to socialize the campaign. These audiences should have social media access so they could be informed from the campaign’s social media plan.
The campaign’s objective was to sell 15,000 to 20,000 bottles of Absolut Brooklyn. They wanted to drive awareness about the new product. Make more media impressions than the other three city launches. The theme of this campaign was called The Stoop Life Movement. The campaign’s task were press conferences to announce the new product, to collaborate and charity donation. Also to get the media talking the new product and new cocktails recipes th...

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...lso more people may be interested in buying this new flavor because they are the ones that voted on it. The campaign can also have T-shirts saying I voted or choose the new flavor. That way people can feel like they are part of the campaign. Also they could have received more participants if they offered cash money to the winners of contests. There should have been more than more donation places. The campaign should have also focus on drunk driving awareness. Show how to be responsible with drinking. Have celebrities talk about how big of a responsibility it is when you start drinking. More accessories could have been made too such a wrist bands, stickers, car magnets, posters,
Controlled media:

• Blogging
• Social media websites
• Contests
• Events
• Venues
• Partnerships
• Charity

Uncontrolled media:

• Million media impressions
• Newspapers

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