Abraham 's Sacrifice Of God Essay examples

Abraham 's Sacrifice Of God Essay examples

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In this shift toward the man being God the Father and the son’s representation as Christ the Only Begotten—as well as the rest of humanity—whom God loves and protects because they are his entire world, it is necessary to examine how the man’s reservations about killing his son parallel the symbolism of sacrifice. The father says, “Could you [kill your son]? When the time comes?” (114). At this point, the man’s expression could equal that of Abraham’s plea in obedience to God’s commandment that he kill Isaac. Because Abraham’s sacrifice parallels the sacrifice of God’s Only Begotten Son, the man’s plea also closely represents God’s love for Christ’s required suffering, pain, and death—as well as the pain and sorrows humanity naturally experiences in mortality. This is also another point at which the man’s focus on the boy’s body—specifically sacrificing the body for the sake of his spirit—highlights the father’s conflict for such a proposal and his personal struggle with allowing such to occur—particularly when he depends on his son for purpose.
In the scope of the way the son views his father as god, the son represents Christ (as well as the rest of humankind) and the man turns into a faulty god. Schaub notes how “there is perhaps in this coupling of his own existence to that of his son 's a degree of selfishness, an unnatural reliance of the father upon the son” (158). This selfishness and dependence indicates that the man, as God the Father, is dependent on His children for His own survival in a post-apocalyptic world. This dependency runs counter to the Christian belief that man relies upon God—that compared to God, humanity is nothing, but to God, humanity is everything. In this belief, it is not that God depends on humanity f...

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...other potential “good guys” who are capable and willing to take care of him, he cannot seek that same hope from his father. His salvation comes through the other family’s willingness to save—not God as his father.
Ultimately, the man’s death represents God’s death in a post-apocalyptic world because all he promised—love, security, comfort, guidance, and hope—he can no longer provide, nor can He keep those covenants He made. As Ely suggested, a world that is too harsh for humankind to survive is not the place for God because it means he cannot keep even the most basic of promises. Through the reversal of this God-figure, the man’s true role as God undermines his explicit belief that his son is God, proving that this post-apocalyptic god is powerless to save Himself or humanity and there is no way that he can guide or comfort humankind in this horrifying, broken world.

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