Essay on Abraham Lincoln : The Leader That I Have Chosen

Essay on Abraham Lincoln : The Leader That I Have Chosen

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The leader that I have chosen for my report is Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was born near Hogenville, Kentucky on February 12, 1809 in a small cabin with one door a window a chimney and a dirt floor. Abraham was named after his pioneer grandfather that had been shot dead by hostile Indians in 1786 while planting corn in the wilderness. Young Abraham was a poor backwoods farm boy that grew up swinging an ax in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. There was a school house around two miles away where young Lincoln and his sister attended school. The name of the school was called a “blab school.” The learned numbers one through ten and a little bit of reading, writing and spelling. Thomas and Nancy, Abraham’s parent could not read or write at all. By the time Abraham Lincoln was eight years old he had no problem swinging an axe and when Honest Abe was cutting down trees it sounded like three men instead of one. By the time he was sixteen Abraham was six feet tall. Abraham Lincoln earned his education by borrowing books and reading newspapers.
By the time Abraham turned seventeen Abe left home to work as a ferryman’s helper on the Ohio River. When Abraham Lincoln had turned eighteen Abe’s sister Sara died from giving birth in 1828. By this time Abraham Lincoln was ready to leave the back woods and met up with a merchant named James Gentry who hired Lincoln to accompany James son Allen on a twelve hundred flat boat voyage to New Orleans. New Orleans was the biggest city Lincoln had ever seen. The ports were jammed with the masts of sailing ships from all over the world and the cobble stone roads were teamed with a mass of sailors, adventurers and traders. There was gangs of slaves of black men, women, and children that were chained up...

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...t to the Ford Theatre to watch the play Our American Cousins. Lincoln’s body guard had stepped out downstairs to watch the play from the bottom. John Wilkes Booth snuck up behind Abraham Lincoln and pulled out a Derringer pistol and assassinated President Lincoln.
The issues that President Lincoln needed to reshape was the issue of slavery. Lincoln had studied Law, became a member in Congress, and finally became President with the ideas that all men should be treated equal. President Lincoln had the ability to influence people with determination and knowledge. Abraham never gave up and pursued goals even when times were hard. I chose this particular individual because Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States and is a big influence against discrimination. I have learned that it takes time become a great leader with a lot of hard work and perseverance.

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