Abraham Lincoln Signed The Morrill Land Grant Act Essay

Abraham Lincoln Signed The Morrill Land Grant Act Essay

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In the year of 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Act providing funds for the creation of land-grant schools in each state in the United States of America. Specifically, this act gave each state “30,000 acres…to establish a college that would promote education in agriculture, mechanics, classical studies and military tactics” (Morrill Act). The act provided each state with government funds to purchase the land, but the state itself was required to find the capital to erect the buildings. The Morrill Act was initially introduced to President Buchanan, but he vetoed it based on his belief that it was “financially draining for the Treasury, a threat to existing colleges, and unconstitutional” (Morrill, J.). On the second occasion that the bill was brought to Congress’ attention, Senator Morrill of Vermont sponsored it and Lincoln had gained the presidency. Amidst the trouble and chaos caused by the Civil War and seceding countries, Lincoln signed the bill into action allowing the lower agricultural and working classes of America the privilege of an education. Since then, the Morrill Land Grant Act has provided much needed information in the field of agriculture and has developed many support systems for present-day students within the United States.
The Morrill Land Grant Act has had a massive impact on the agricultural education within the United States since the day it was signed into action. Originally, education was only attainable through wealth and the established schools were limited to teaching language and religion, also known as classical education. However, this act changed the precedent and provided an education at a reduced price to the lower and middle class citizens of America. The education from this...

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...sue their dreams were given it. This act has allowed students of low economic status to achieve a higher education where they would have not been able to before from the initial signing to the modern day use of the act.
The Morrill Land Grant Act has helped improve agricultural education and student-aid support systems throughout the many years it has been in use. Through agriculture, the act has improved the accessibility of college, the efficiency of farming, and the ability to prevent diseases from affecting large portions of crops. Government involvement has helped students faced with limitations based on their funds to obtain student aid from the government to assist in achieving a higher education. The Morrill Land Grant Act has helped students past and present in accomplishing their goals of a higher education and will have effects on future students as well.

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