Abraham Lincoln 's Wife : Mary Todd Lincoln Essay

Abraham Lincoln 's Wife : Mary Todd Lincoln Essay

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My case study will be on Abraham Lincoln’s wife : Mary Todd Lincoln. Mary was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The source explains that Mary was always ready to handle and be with her husband Abraham Lincoln and help him with his career as the President of the United States, making her the First Lady. They explained that she was always up and ready to go. Mary was a successful American who went to school and was part of a very rich family.
Mary lived to see three of her sons pass away as well as being a witness of her husband’s death. Throughout her middle aged life, she had many migraines, and it does state that she also had public outbursts and had a very short temper at things. This also happened throughout Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. She had many mood swings as well as mental illnesses. Researches and psychologists now believe that she may have suffered from bipolar and schizophrenic illnesses through out her life.
I feel like in this instant one of the things that may have caused her to start all of these mental illnesses is because of the fact that she witnessed her family’s passings. In one my articles that I chose for information it states that her and her husband Abraham both suffered from depression. I feel like it really took a big toll on her when her husband passed away. They also stated that she would receive death threatning letters in regards to her husband. I feel like at times your mind isn’t strong enough to take on certain things which can lead to mental illnesses. In the article it does state that they were treating her with laudanum which could have caused her to have hallucinations. Which then could have led to her mood swings and migraines. In her book the Madness of Mary Lincoln it states that she wo...

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... seemed like she never truly got over the hurt of her own son testifying that she was mentally ill which really affected her last and final years of living. Like I stated before she tried to plot her own son’s death due to this trial .
In this the behavioral aspects of schizophrenia would be the fact that she makes room for her husband to lay next to her although he has already passed away. Another couple of behaviors would be the fact that she would see her son at the end of her bed consoling her after he has passed away. Even when they were all alive, the fact that she would walk in her gown to the corridors of her hotel room is definitely questionable as to what is going on or ask about her mental stability. It is said to be known that Abraham Lincoln did know about the illnesses that Mary was having and because of him she was able to control any aspect of it.

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