Abraham Lincoln : Journey And The White House Essay

Abraham Lincoln : Journey And The White House Essay

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Abraham Lincoln: Journey to the White House
We all have people that we look up to. We each have people we hold in higher esteem than others. In American history there are a few of those that stick out. The Presidents we remember are the ones who faced the hardest times of America. We remember George Washington with the Revolution, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war, or JFK and the Cuban missile crisis. History remembers those who had to face the hardest trials. Abraham Lincoln’s road to the White house was filled with pain, loss, and rejection, and that is why he is one of the most remembered and revered presidents we have.
Abraham Lincoln was born in a small log cabin on February 9, 1809 in Kentucky (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). His family was very poor. His father was a carpenter/farmer and they moved a lot along the western frontier. Because of his family conditions he never stayed in one place long enough to get an education. It is estimated that throughout his entire childhood he attended less than one year of formal schooling. He wanted to be educated though and taught himself how to read and write. When he was nine years old his mom passed away. And two years later his older sister died as well. His father remarried in a few years and by the time Abe was twenty-one he decided to move out.
Abe started his career as a business man. He partnered with a friend and together they ran a grocery store. However, the store failed when his partner died in a few years, leaving Abraham a lot of debt. He worked hard to pay off his debts. He held many jobs all the while learning how to practice law at night. He was a postmaster, a mill manager, a surveyor and a rail splitter. Because he worked so hard to pay off his debt he was...

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...ur years until the north wins and Lincoln is assassinated, but almost every American knows that.
“Before the Civil War, the states were all separate. People used to say ‘United States are.’ Wasn 't until the war ended, people started saying ‘The United States is.’ Under Lincoln, we became one nation (Cage).” Although this is a scripted line from a movie it is true. Lincoln brought the United States together. He faced struggles not only in his personal life but during the war. Many wanted him to fight it quicker or to give it up. His own general was his opponent for his second term. For a man who faced so many trials he had so great an impact on everyone. He faced his trials head on and conquered them, that is why when people think of Lincoln they think of a patriot, or an honest, honorable man. That is why there is a deep respect for him throughout all of America.

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