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Abraham Lincoln As A Hero Leader Essays

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In the current political climate of our nation, we have a candidate that appears to be ill prepared for the Presidency of the United States, one who lacks the qualification for the vast responsibility and one who has no political, governmental experience or knowledge. In light of the current political climate, it takes me back to Abraham Lincoln the sixteenth president of the United States who also ran as a candidate for the president of the United States also lacked what appears to be the necessary qualifications and skills for the presidency of the United States.
Abraham Lincoln was a courageous leader and statesman who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation to abolish slavery. He was a man who stood against all odds in the belief that all men are created equal as it pertains to the abolition of slavery and didn’t waver in his belief even though such belief that was unpopular for its’ time. I have chosen Abraham Lincoln as my hero Leader for several reasons. Abraham Lincoln represents and proves that we can become anything we choose to become even if we lack the vantage point to excel. Abraham Lincoln’s background didn’t qualify him to become who he became, because like his predecessors and contemporaries, he didn’t have the scholastic preparation, achievements, qualifications, affluence or influence that was necessary to fulfill such political aspirations.
Lincoln was born in a log cabin in 1809 to a mother who adored him and a father that was extremely cruel to him. At the tender age of 9 years old his beloved mother passed away. By 1811 Lincoln father moved around 8 times and it was said that he left Lincoln and his sister for 6 months in search of a new wife. Lincoln’s father remarries and brought a new w...

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...vidual that rose from the poverty of his youth, many setbacks, failures, misfortunes and unfortunate circumstances who rose to a level of success that ranks him among the great presidents. What made Lincoln such a great leader was that he had a determination to succeed and possesses the, willpower, strength and resilience to push past every place of obstacle, opposition and resistance to stay on course to accomplish his task. His failures were used as stepping stone to his success as he was able to learn from them. Concerning success, it was Lincoln who said “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” “Hold on,” he said, “with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible.” (Leadership by the People, 2012). Herein lies the strength of a man who against all odds, refused to give up.

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