Abraham Lincoln : An Amazing Man And A Great President Essay

Abraham Lincoln : An Amazing Man And A Great President Essay

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The sixteenth president of the United States of America, also known as Abraham Lincoln was known for emancipating slaves. This was a huge step in our history. For this I have always looked at him as an amazing man and a great president. The reason I chose President Lincoln is because of this. He is the reason, along with others, why our country is not segregated and African Americans have the rights they do. Another reason I chose Abraham Lincoln is because he was self-taught and an amazing mind of our early government. I knew some things about him but I knew there was still so much to learn and so much information that I didn’t know. He was also as I said a big part in making the Emancipation Proclamation which was a step toward freedom for slaves. So Abraham Lincoln was the obvious choice because he is just an interesting figure in our history.
Abraham Lincoln born in 1809 from his parents, Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. Neither of his parents were very educated. At a very young age Abe was working with his father to hew a farm. At age 9 his real mother died and soon after his father remarried. Lincoln grew up in the forest so most of his neighbors and family were never educated. So, when Lincoln decided he wanted to educate himself by reading books and learning correct grammar and math his father and neighbors did not like him doing this. The main reason they didn’t like it was because they “regarded this as his way of sloth or his way of getting out of his chores” (Legacy of Freedom). Even though his father did not like it his step mother, Sarah Bush Lincoln, felt it was good and allowed it. Sarah Later told his law partner “He ‘didn’t like physical labor, he was not lazy, but was diligent for knowledge…’” (Legacy of Freedom). Whe...

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...at the stories were wrong he just said that Lincoln may not have been “committed” to abolishing slavery. He said that Abe was more “[T]rying to prevent its extension” (Interpretation). So even though Bennett sees him this way most historians and people in general see him as the emancipator of many and the man who fought a war for our country and made it possible for us to be the way we are now.
Our generation has not changed our way of thinking. People think of Abe just the same as historians have told us. We think of him as easily in the top ten presidents all time and as the president that changed the way of life for everyone in our country and maybe even the world. He made our country a safe place for those who may have been and may still be an outcast. He made what the Declaration of Independence said true “All men are equal” thanks, in part to, Abraham Lincoln.

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