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Abortion should only be allowed in the case of rape or possible death of the mother. Abortion is a serious and scary situation. Has anyone ever wondered what abortion is? How about what abortion is doing to the United States? The following will tell people everything they need to know about abortion, and why it should be illegal.
An abortion is the act of removing a human embryo or fetus. A woman can only be under twenty-four weeks pregnant in order to have an abortion. If the woman is over twenty-four weeks pregnant she cannot have an abortion, because after twenty-four weeks the baby is already starting to grow and produce.
Abortion is a very serious situation, one out of four women goes through with an abortion; most of these women are under the age of eighteen. Most people believe abortion should stay legal, because they feel that abortion is helpful in their situations. But there is also a handful of people believe abortion should defiantly be illegal, because they feel that having an abortion is not a useful procedure. In most cases people would have to agree with the handful of people that are against abortion, unless in serious cases because abortion happens way too much.
Another reason for abortion to be legal is if the mother had done drugs or drank lots of alcohol, while being pregnant. If she had no idea she was pregnant but had done all of that stuff she could have an abortion, because the child would have problems or live a hard life, because of all of the drugs and stuff the mother had one.
There have been over fifty million babies being aborted every two years. This is what causes a big problem in the United States.
So why do woman decide on going through with abortion? Some woman feel scared, like they ar...

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