Abortions : Or Not Abort? Essay

Abortions : Or Not Abort? Essay

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Abortions: To abort or not abort
60 % of women in this world choose to get abortions, this is per year, and the other 40% are either birthed or miscarried. Now, what if every 9 out of 10 females had an abortion? Although abortions are common throughout the world, some people don 't have reasons behind abortions. We have some people that are against abortion then we have some who are not against it. Murder seems to be the result of an abortion. Society is overlooking the outcome of abortions and still allowing people to take part in this cruel activity. In this essay, you will learn why abortions should be illegal in this world; understand the difference between right and wrong of an abortion, and how to handle the situation in a more respected way.
First, a lot of Americans think that abortions should be illegal because it is a case of murder. If every woman chooses to indulge in an awful activity such as abortion without signing legal documentation they are considered in a court for 1st degree murder. How many people get away with such a horrific nightmare? According to Dr. Julia Brown, “abortions should be illegal because people are out in this killing other people but are getting away with abortions, both cases should be treated the same.” Quoted by Brown, “She thinks it should be against the law to abort a child that didn’t ask to come into this world”. The bible says, “In God we trust”, there is no trust in the lord if they are killing the blessing that he blessed them with, and if anything he’s testing their religion. A child can either make a person or break a person but as a human being; we should never take from a child especially not their life. Many Americans have voted to throw out the abortion act but it seems that t...

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... is right or wrong. Everyone indulges in freedom of speech to have a voice and stand up for his and her legal rights. They have stated their facts and opinions on why abortions should be illegal, which is obviously another way of killing an innocent human being and not having to suffer any consequences form the law. Everyone wants a chance at life and doesn’t want to die before they are able to experience life. We should all think tremendously about the situation and the outcome of an abortion; we have to stand up as one to make abortion illegal in every state. Everyone knows that the outcome of unprotected sex is usually pregnancy or a STD; think about the actions being taken. Before lying up unprotected, think about what may be the outcome of laying up which is a baby. We should get together and make abortion what it should be which is nothing because it’s murder.

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