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Abortions Are Cruel Essay

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Abortions are one of the most controversial subjects for Americans. Many Americans think it should be a choice because it’s their body, but others think were created in the image of god and abortion is murder. Although abortions are convenient they are cruel alternatives to pregnancy.
What is an abortion? “An abortion is the ending of pregnancy before birth. An abortion cause the embryo or fetus to die” (Jacobs , , and et al 1).”Abortion comes from the Latin word abortio, which means to abort, miscarry . . .. In medicine abortion means . . . [seizing birth] prematurely [as] the Latin word abortus means . . . premature, untimely birth” (“What is an Abortion” 1)
There are many types of abortion the differences relying on which one best fits the women and the fetus. A medical abortion is used only in the first nine weeks after conception and ends pregnancy by taking two pills. The first being mifepristone which blocks progesterone and makes the uterus very thin. Misprostol is the second pill taken a few days later that makes the uterus expands and empty.
Suction aspiration is a very common method used during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
“Anesthesia is given to the mother and her cervix is quickly dilated. [Then] a suction curette is inserted into the womb . . . [and also] connected to a vacuum machine by . . . [another tube that’s suction is about 30 times stronger than a household vacuum. The suction] tears the fetus and placenta into small pieces that are sucked . . . into a bottle and discarded” (“Surgical Abortions” 1).
Dilation and Curettage and, Dilation and Evacuation are similar to the suction aspiration. The dilation and curettage has the addition of a hooked shaped knife that “cuts the unborn baby into pieces. The p...

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...Bible, John 15:17). Abortion is the opposite of these teachings. It is a destruction of the helpless rather than a rescue of them.
Abortions are very selfish and a cruel way to end pregnancy. Abortions wouldn’t be needed if females would take responsibility and either use contraception or own up to their mistakes. Abortion is murder no matter how you look at it and murderers should be punished for their actions. Choose to be pro-life and stand up for the innocent babies that can’t.

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