Essay on Abortions: A Woman's Right to Choose or First Degree Murder?

Essay on Abortions: A Woman's Right to Choose or First Degree Murder?

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Abortions a Woman’s Right to Choose or First Degree Murder?

In the book, The Abortionist A Woman Against the Law by Ricki Solinger, it was stated that there has never been a society where women did not get ride of unwanted pregnancies. In the early years women used herbal remedies, trusted strangers in dirty back rooms, or sometimes trusted strangers in well organized abortion rooms with experience, who on a daily basis performed thousands of abortions for a fee and lived lavish lifestyles from the proceeds (Solinger).
I believe that abortion is not a “woman’s right to choose,”, but it is first degree murder. I am aware that many people disagree with my belief about abortion because they have constructed reasons for justifying them. One argument is that the fetus is not a human being until a certain amount of time (gestation period) has passed in the pregnancy. The fact are that a human being can only become pregnant with a human being and if the baby not aborted and allowed to grow, he or she will be born. We cannot continue to provide excuses for the murder of millions of innocent babies. The woman’s real choice is to choose not to have unprotected sex in the first place. The hardest decision to understand concerning abortion is a husband and wife agreeing to abort a child that they conceived together. Women need to understand that abortions should not be used as a form of birth control.
In the book, “The Abortionist, A Woman Against the Law,” by Rickie Solinger, he explained, that before Roe v Wade, health experts estimated that one million abortions were performed per year with only ten thousand of them performed in a hospital (Solinger).
According to the author, Linda J. Beckman in her book, “The New Civil War – ...

... middle of paper ... that they are pregnant.
Paul Sachdev explained in his book, “Perspectives on Abortion,” that gestation age at the time of abortion is the most important determinant of abortion complications. The risk of death increases by fifty percent per each week of delay after eight weeks of gestation. In 1978, teen age girls were still twice as likely, than older women to have an abortion after twelve weeks gestation. In 1977, teen age girls had a death-to-case rate from infection following a legal abortion six times higher than that of women twenty five years old or older (Sachdev) .
The answer to the abortions in the United States is for women to take charge of their bodies early, before they are faced with an unintended pregnancy and are faced with the decision of whether to murder their children by abortion or making the decision to allow them to live and grow.

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