Essay about Abortion : The Precious Gift Of Being

Essay about Abortion : The Precious Gift Of Being

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Legal Murder
Is the precious gift of being able to create new life not enough to stop the endless murders? Abortions have been an issue in the courts since as early as 1973, but have recently become a bigger problem. “There have been more than 53 million abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973(19 Facts).” The current status of this law is that women are still able to get abortions in every state, as long as it is still early in pregnancy. Some states claim that once there is a visible fetus, they will not perform it, but others will still perform abortions up to a certain number of weeks, some as many as twenty. The only way an abortion can happen late in pregnancy is if the baby or mothers are in serious danger.
A shocking story recently of a mothers operation to end her twin pregnancy ended with a twist, just proving how horrifying abortion really is. Clara Culwell always knew she was adopted but later in life wanted to find her birth mother. Soon she was told some life changing news. Her mother was 13 when she fell pregnant with twins, and knew she had to get an abortion: being over five months, the doctors still did it! When the mother went back a couple weeks later the doctors informed her that one of the twins had survived the toxic chemicals, and the baby was born a couple weeks later, given the name Clara. Clara now 24, has struggled her whole life with different medical problems because of the chemicals she was put into, and now is trying to teach others to be Pro-life, and realize what a blessing it is to get to live a long, fulfilled life. And that is one of many examples of why abortions, the termination of an unborn fetus, should be outlawed under any circumstances of the ...

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...ine the endless teachers, athletes, scientists, and more amazing people in the world.

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