Abortion : The Moral And Legal Status Of Abortion Essay

Abortion : The Moral And Legal Status Of Abortion Essay

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Abortion has been an on-going conflict for quite a while and the debate has caught the eye of many people. As it states, “The decision [approving abortion or not] has been very controversial, and it has been repeatedly challenged.” (81). Mary Anne Warren states that abortion, “may be defined as the act a woman performs in deliberately terminating her pregnancy before it comes to term, or in allowing another person to terminate it” (112). Which was a very engaging, because it is true, not everyone sees abortion the same way. Just as some people may not agree with what I am going to state, but I believe abortion is not right and therefore I do support that abortion is always an immoral choice.
Beginning with Marry Anne Warren and her article “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” she states “Women who are poor, under-age, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable, suffer most from the absence of safe and legal abortion.” (Warren 112). And bringing in statistics with this quote, it says, “in the United States, about 52 percent of the women obtaining abortions each year are younger than the age of 25, and about 20 percent of them are teenagers.” (81) First of all, if for example, you are a teenager or an under-age female and you know for a fact that you cannot “keep another human being alive at great personal cost” (Warren 114), then you should not be having sexual relationships at all. Babies are no joke, they are a handful and it takes a lot of work to raise them. Keeping that in mind, it states, “three fourths of the women having abortions say that having a baby would interfere with work, school, and or other responsibilities”, so why didn’t this teenager or woman in general think about these consequences beforehand? As Warren stat...

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...lue” (Marquis 126). And I do agree with this statement. All babies should be given a chance to live, whether it is with his or her biological parents or with adoptive parents. A baby being aborted and not given the chance to make it’s own change in the world is a decision I do not agree with.
In conclusion, the readings did not change my perspective on abortions, but it did once again let me see various interesting thoughts on this topic. I have not met any person who has had an abortion, but I do know it happens everywhere in the world. Not letting someone live, actually give them a chance and see the potential they had in this world is an immoral choice. If a mother cannot raise the child, then abortion should not be the automatic solution, because there are many people out there that wish they could have a child of their own and sadly, they can’t. Stop abortion.

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