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Abortion Should Be A Woman 's Right Essays

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Abortion should be a Woman’s Right
Megan D. Price
Bluefield State College Composition 101

Most of society thinks abortion is horrible and disgusting. Many states have banned abortion, making it a law. People frown upon one’s choice to have an abortion but has never walked a mile in one’s shoes. A woman’s body should be one hundred percent her choice as do with as she pleases. Telling a woman she cannot have an abortion is absurd. As if society and higher authority doesn’t make our decisions already, you actually think it is necessary to force a women, to keep and raise a baby knowing she cannot provide? People talk harshly of those who have had abortions but yet talk harshly about those you haven’t had abortions and cannot take care of their children.
Keywords: Abortion, Society’s wants, your choice
Abortion should be a Woman’s Right
Abortion or termination of a pregnancy. Abortion has always and will continue to be controversial because of one’s religious beliefs and or the very thought of ending the life of a helpless human being seems to be a cruel, unforgiving, and an appalling crime to most people. My opinion on such sensitive matter is a woman should have total control of her own body, without the government or society dictating what she can and cannot do in a situation such as pregnancy. If the government has the power to forcibly make us conform to their wishes, the sky is the limit as to how much control they can have over us-making us undergo sterilization and using contraception. Abortion is only wrong to those who’ve never been in such petrifying situation. Reasons as to why abortion should be a woman’s choice follows.

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... is precious but each individual should have the right to decide for themselves without any intervention from the government or judgmental analysis from individuals who do not know you or your situation. You only have one life, this option should be your choice! I’d rather see an unfit or unstable mother have an abortion rather than give birth to an innocent precious child that will suffer for the rest of his or her life. A woman’s life is difficult enough, living in a man’s world. Forcing her to have a child she is unable to care for is only proving this statement.

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