Abortion : Pro Life And Pro Choice People Essay

Abortion : Pro Life And Pro Choice People Essay

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Abortion is very a controversy topic to talk about these days. Many people have different opinions towards it. I believe this in these modern times, people don’t want to take responsibilities for their actions. Abortion rates have increased over the years and its becoming to be more common, but in reality it’s the childish thing to do. It is estimated that worldwide 45 million pregnancies end in induced abortion every year (Rabjana, Bhati). There have been two different types of groups have emerged the pro-life and the pro-choice people. The Pro-life people believe that life starts at the moment of conception, and women that are expecting a baby shouldn’t be able to abort the baby. The Pro-choice people believe that the expecting woman should have the right to abort the baby because they might not be ready to be a mother. I believe we shouldn’t let abortions be conducted because it offends the beliefs of God, life starts at the moment of conception, abortion is unsafe, the Roe V. Wade case, Port abortion syndrome and there are other alternatives for abortions. Many people should come to head that abortion is a very serious subject and it shouldn’t be ignored.
Its hard to believe its easy to have an abortion. According to The Journal of Psychology, a premedication of Valium (5 mg per os) is given to most women. Intravenous serum is not usually administered. At the beginning of the procedure, the physician performs a paracervical block with 10 cm3 Xylocaine, 1% with epinephrine. The abortion is performed using the technique of vacuum curettage, with extraction if the pregnancy is over 12 weeks old. The operation usually lasts less than 15 min, and the patient can be assisted by an accompanying person and the nurse. When ...

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...any of times that pregnant women grow a bond with their babies while being pregnant. When it comes to the time to abort they just can’t because they grew a bond and that’s totally okay. There are many government programs that provide fund for mothers that need help financially. Some women are even lucky to have supporting families that step and help with the process of raising this child.
Therefore, with all of the different opinions about abortion. Abortion will continue to be popular because its an easy alternative for pregnancy with risks attached to it. I believe that no one should terminate a pregnancy. But we have to face the realities. There are many wonderful alternatives that women should consider other than aborting for example adoptions. Abortion is just killing a human being that hasn’t even had a chance in life. I am pro-life and I am against abortion.

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