Essay on Abortion, Pro Choice And Pro Life

Essay on Abortion, Pro Choice And Pro Life

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In today’s society, abortion is one of the most controversial issues talked about around the world. By the age of forty-five, it is said that thirty percent of women in America will have received an abortion by some point in their life (“Abortion”). Women need to know there are many conditions to consider when having the opportunity to bring a new life into the world. Women have to be mindful of both their own health but also their child 's. Not only are health issues something to be aware of, a women should also be aware of the finical situation a child can put them in. The controversial subject is one that many people seem to have an opinion on, causing it to be a fight on whether or not abortion should be legal.
There are two major sides when it comes to the discussion of abortion, pro-choice and pro-life. Both of these sides of the issue have different opinions on many parts of abortion. The main difference in views of abortion is whether or not the fetus is “human” at the time of the abortion. Pro-Choice does not acknowledge abortion as murder because nearly all abortion take place when the fetus can not exist independent of the mother; however, on the pro-life side, they believe that life begins at the conception of the fetus (“10 Arguments: For and Against Abortion”). Therefore, on the pro-life side, abortion is considered murder. The one idea that both groups can agree on is that murder is wrong. The major issue is that neither side can agree at what time a fetus is considered a human being.
Giving birth is a very crucial time in a women 's life and can occasionally lead to a mothers death. In situations when child birth could led to death, wouldn 't most human beings want to save the mother instead of having the chan...

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... were to shut down all illegal abortions done in the United States, we could not be responsible for the abortions done in various different countries. If this were to happen we would run into the same situation as the illegal abortions done in our country. Pro-Life believes that if abortion were to be made illegal more people would be more responsible on the decision.
The sides of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are very clear. Abortion is a very controversial subject and talked about by most of today’s society. There are many options for a mother when bringing in a child to the world but there are also very many options a mother has when wanting to terminate her pregnancy. Women should not be judged on their choice to either abort the pregnancy or keep the child and raise it. Society should be accepting of women and their choice for their life and how they want to live it.

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