Abortion: More Harm than Good Essay

Abortion: More Harm than Good Essay

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In today's society abortion is getting more notice then ever. After the president banned partial birth abortion controversy arose from all sides of the table and has been since Roe v. Wade. Many women today feel as if they should have the right to chose either to bring life into this world or not. These women feel as if abortion will give them a sense of relief. What many of these pro-choicers don't realize is that abortion causes more destruction then relief.
Mothers who chose to abort their baby don't realize the post abortion destruction aborting has. These Mothers see it as relief from having to give birth to an unwanted child. Yes, if women have an abortion she will not have to bring an unwanted baby into the world, but is it really a relief? Abortion brings along with it many destructive packages. Packages of murder, emotional and psychological effects along with medical problems.
So, Now your thinking Abortion isn't murder, the baby is not even born yet. Well Abortion is murder. An innocent human life is brutally murdered every 22 seconds in the United States. That is a lot of babies being killed every day, and that's just in the United States.
At a senate Judiciary subcommittee in 1981 the hearing was about "When does a human life begin." Appearing at this committee was a group of internationally known geneticists and biologists. Dr. Hymie Gordon along with all the others in the group agreed that " by all criteria of modern molecular biology life is present from the moment of conception" (Dr. Hymie Gordon)
Former abortionist David Brewer M.D says, " My heart callous agai...

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...d from rape or incest. Those giving an opinion 90 percent said they would discourage other victims of sexual violence from having an abortion"(Reardon, Victims and Victors) Among the women in the survey who had a baby, not one expressed regret about her choice. A woman who was a victim of sexual violence says, " What rape takes away from a women abortion can not restore."
In today's world abortion is looked upon as a relief mechanism. Young women turn to abortion to escape the responsibility of their actions or from the actions forced upon them. In the long run abortion does nothing but cause destruction not only to the unborn baby but also to the aborting mother. Abortion causes more destruction than relief.

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