Abortion Issues The Civil Rights Of The Mother And The Fetus Essay example

Abortion Issues The Civil Rights Of The Mother And The Fetus Essay example

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Abortion challenges the civil rights of the mother and the fetus, which she bears and under certain circumstances, abortion may be the most appropriate or suitable action to take. It is acceptable to have an abortion to stabilize and maintain a lifestyle. Abortion is their choice and they will not be stuck with a limitation on their life. One can either have an abortion, keep the child and raise it, or give the child for adoption; nonetheless it is the choice of the woman. It is a woman 's choice to have a baby or not, and if unplanned, she should also have the choice to keep it or to take action to change her situation. Unwanted pregnancies occur in many women in the United States, currently about fifty-one percent of over six million pregnancies were not planned ("Unintended Pregnancy in the United States”). Furthermore, her options should not be limited and to deny abortion is denying the mother certain civil rights. The woman should be able to decide what she would like to do with her pregnancy and should not be restricted by politics and religion. In addition, women should be given the right to decide what will happen to their body and be allowed to put their needs and health first, and to take away their right will put more women in danger. Taking away the accessibility to a legal abortion takes away a woman 's right.

Women have the right to choose what will happen to their bodies. The right to control one’s body is a moral right; if women are no longer allowed the right to abort an unwanted fetus, they are being deprived of this right. She has the right to determine how to treat her body, what to feed herself, how to comfort her body (Haugland). Additionally, a woman should not be forced to place her body in any circum...

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...act on society, causing society to split due to differences. The only common ground is to be open to others insights.

It is evident that the discussion of abortion still has a long way to go before a solution will come, abortion “wars” will always continue because there will always be a mother somewhere that would Abortion will always exist, until every woman is on contraceptives, there are no more rapes, or there are no more incidents of incest, there will always be unwanted pregnancies. Since there is no definite solution to the abortion argument, women should still be guaranteed their right for an abortion if one is needed. Additionally, a woman needs to feel as she is in control of her body and choices and by legalizing abortion and giving her rights. When the “right to live” is used to put someone else in danger, it is evident whose life must be prioritized.

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