Abortion Is The Termination Of The Unborn Essay

Abortion Is The Termination Of The Unborn Essay

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Abortion is the termination of the unborn. There are three different types of abortion spontaneous, therapeutic and elective. Spontaneous abortion is a miscarriage, therapeutic abortion is an abortion for medical purposes. Elective abortion is any other type of abortion that’s not spontaneous or therapeutic. Elective is the one that we’re concerned with.

On the matter of abortion the legal and moral aspects of it are completely different. The legal matter is the point that the state should intervene. The moral matter is whether the unborn deserves any moral consideration. Moral status is moral implications for how you treat particular things. An inanimate object does not possess a moral status, human beings and animals do.

Biological life is the property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms from inanimate matter. There are five traits that biological life consists of; first is takes in food or nutrients, second excretes waste, third they have growth capacity, forth responds to stimuli and fifth homeostasis. However, biological life does not equal moral status. A necessary condition is something which must be present for another thing to be possible. A sufficient condition is something which, if present, guarantees that, the other thing will occur.

There are major positions regarding abortion. The first is that an abortion is morally acceptable at any time and for any reason. The second is that an abortion is morally acceptable under most conditions. The third is that an abortion is almost never morally acceptable except under extreme conditions or circumstances. The last one is that an abortion is never acceptable under no reason.
There are many arguments that hav...

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...ncapable of  any form of conscious awareness. The fetal brain does not begin to develop until three to four weeks into the pregnancy, at which point it is a bit more than a hollow tube filled with dividing neurons. Between weeks four and eight the neural tissues grow, forming the major divisions of the adult brain. 

By eight weeks recognizable facial features have developed and the cerebral cortex separates into two distinct hemispheres. By the end of the first 12 weeks, nerve cells are starting to form connections between different areas of the brain.  So by 12 weeks, although the fetus is certainly starting to look like a human, the neural circuits responsible for conscious awareness have not yet been developed. Concluding that it can 't feel any sort of pain or anything at all for that matter and therefore finding abortion moral before 12 weeks. 

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