Abortion Is No Longer A Justifiable Course Of Action Essay examples

Abortion Is No Longer A Justifiable Course Of Action Essay examples

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To begin with, it proves beneficial to clarify that Thomson supports abortion under certain conditions; therefore, she believes that there are cases in which abortion is no longer a justifiable course of action but there are a series of instances in which abortion is wholly permissible. From there we can begin to look at the analogies that Thomson utilizes to solidify her stance. First, she paints the picture of a famous violinist who needs anothers kidneys to survive, what would one do if they awoke to find they were volunteered to sustain him? With this analogy she proves that although it would be serviceable of one to stay, it is not required because it would not be an unjust action for one to detach oneself because one does not have any preliminary responsibility or debt to the violinist. The same holds true to a woman who does not intentionally become pregnant. Building on this analogy she presents another, this one being if a mother and child were stuck in a miniscule house and the mother would not survive the child 's continual growth but the child would, what responsibility does a bystander have and what responsibility of self defense does the mother have for herself? As can be assumed, the mother in the story correlates to a pregnant woman and the child her unborn baby. Thomson believes that in either case, the mother does have a right to self defense, but that does not mean that any outside persons are required to take action if they do not want to. Then she also creates the analogy of if people were seeds dispersed in the air and one took all the precautions possible to not let the seeds into their house (by covering their windows but still opening them) it is not their fault if something goes wrong and a seed is plante...

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... have the same relation to the person as continuing human existence does; thus, it is not possible to make the comparison that they are equal circumstances because each is actually holds its own level of morality.
Once more Callahan presents an immensely interesting argument. I particularly feel it would appeal to many women and girls especially those coming to age who want to define what they want their role in society to be. However, I feel the continuous undertone of superiority in belief that although there are other views, that of the pro-life feminists is the one capable of making an impact, takes away from the power of her arguments. I enjoyed reading this article because she utilizes several main topics but numerous examples for each, allowing her views to obtain substantial support that prove to the audience that these are well thought out and serious ideas.

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