Abortion is More Beneficial to Society Than it is Harmful Essay

Abortion is More Beneficial to Society Than it is Harmful Essay

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Abortion. The mere mention of that word can pit friend against friend, parent against child, teacher against student. It’s an argument that has been going on for as long as women have had unintended pregnancies. American law currently permits abortion, but it varies from state to state where the cutoff is in the gestation period. The fact that abortion is legal in the United States is a cause of much distress to many pro-life advocates. These people believe that life begins at conception, and that abortion is basically murder. They rely heavily on faith-based argument and don’t leave room for much scientific fact. When addressing the abortion issue, one must focus on three main points: other possible means of birth control, a woman’s right to choose, and the benefits of having legalized abortion in America.
Before the 1960’s birth control methods outside of condoms were highly frowned upon by members of society. Oral, or prescription, birth control was introduced to society in 1965. At the time, the Supreme Court allowed married couples to use the oral birth control (“Birth Control” 1). However, in the late 1960’s feminists challenged the safety of using the oral birth control. Their effort resulted in a safer, modified version of birth control that is commonly known today as “The Pill””. (“Birth Control” 1). These modifications have lead to the safety, availability, and efficiency of birth control. These advances in technology have lead to the prologue of things such as the hormonal patch (“The Patch”), the vaginal ring (“Nuvo”), and others such as internal means of birth control. (“Birth Control” 1). About a third of all women use these forms of birth control (Frantz 2). It is ironic then that abortion is condemne...

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