Essay about Abortion Is Morally Right Or Wrong?

Essay about Abortion Is Morally Right Or Wrong?

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The abortion is defined as the intentional termination of human pregnancy by getting surgery or taking medicine (WebMd, 2016). Abortion is the most controversial issue not only in the U.S, but all over the world. There are several moral and ethical concerns regarding the termination of pregnancy or abortion. There are individual who will support abortion, while some may view it as an act of killing a living being and totally unethical. I am certainly not sure about my stand on this ethical issue. It is really difficult to justify the act of terminating pregnancy. Is it morally right or wrong to terminate a pregnancy? At what circumstances, abortion can be justified as a morally right? The viewpoint of supporters and opponents is presented below:
The opponents of abortion may argue that aborting is never morally justifiable as the personhood begins at conception. The unborn entity surviving inside the mother’s womb is a complete human being and 14 days after the fertilization gastrulation begins which is the initial stage of appearance of spinal column in an embryo (Powell, 2016). Powell (2016) argued that the fertilization is the milestone of personhood, thus the unborn entity should be treated as a person and abortion cannot be morally justifiable. Similarly, some may claim that the appearance of a blood in the embryo begins the personhood. These biological views regarding the personhood does not support the termination of pregnancy because an unborn human entity is a person and has a right to life. Therefore, abortion is an example of killing and ending a human life and it is never morally or ethically right.
The abortion can be morally justified on the argument that “an unborn human is not a person” (Beckwith, 2009). The supp...

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...ce or should we proceed with pregnancy depending upon the viability and chances of survival post the birth.
Similarly, the termination of unwanted pregnancy as a result of rape should be allowed. However, if conscious fetuses who were legally recognized as persons, and a woman seeking a late-term abortion should be seen as unethical. In these scenarios, an evidence might be required that shows the continuity of her pregnancy has a threat to her life or health. Currently, the federal law currently prohibits the termination of viable fetuses (Perry, 2001). For instance, in case scenario where the couple wants to terminate the girl fetus is not acceptable. It seems like they might be worried about financial resources, thus as a APN I could find community resources for child support or look in adoption to help them provide better future for newborn and other children.

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