Abortion Is Killing An Innocent Person Essay

Abortion Is Killing An Innocent Person Essay

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Twenty-one percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion (“Induced ABortion in the United States). Abortion is murdering defenseless babies who would‘ve otherwise had a happy life with a couple that is unable to have their own child. Is killing an innocent person ever moral?
It isn’t just your body anymore, once you 're pregnant there 's a defenseless baby inside of you that only you can protect. You can give your child a happy life and help a couple that can’t physically reproduce have a baby.
Would you say that it’s ever moral to kill an innocent person? What do you consider a living person? When their heart has a beat, when they’re breathing? After a lady is pregnant for five weeks their baby 's heart has started to tick, though you can’t hear it, and by six weeks it’s beating with a regular pattern (“Pregnancy Week 24” Pg 3). By week eleven your baby breathes underwater (“Pregnancy Week 24” Pg 5). The abortion limit is twenty four weeks, this is when doctors believe there is a risk to the “physical or mental health” of the pregnant woman or her existing children (www.telegraph.co.uk Abortion 24 week limit Q+A pg 1), but at twenty three weeks of pregnancy billions of brain cells develope in the babys brain and over the next couple of weeks, the babys movements and sensory and basic life functions like breathing gets stronger. Around this time major changes are happening in the baby 's lungs (Pregnancy week twenty four Pg 10). So the public says it’s okay to kill a baby that is breathing with a regular heart beat, but what about this? Imagine your mother developed alzheimer 's and became a burden to you, her heart is still beating and she is still breathing, but because this isn’t your ideal situation the doctor gives you the...

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...it? It’s most definitely not dead! Everything that a born baby, child, or adult needs for us to consider them alive a baby in a mother’s womb also has! Why would we not consider the baby to be alive, why does it have different rules just because it’s in a womb?
Every baby deserves the opportunity in life to live and have a loving family, abortion takes babies lives before they even get the chance to live, therefore abortion is murder. Abortion is an immoral act of killing and there are other much more logical moral ways to handle unwanted pregnancies. This paper full of information is to show the crewel harsh side of abortion so people can know that there is more to the act than the convenience makes it look like. The baby doesn’t just disappear, the baby dies. Please refer to this to inform others, many people have no idea and this paper will help them understand.

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