Abortion : Is It Really? Essay

Abortion : Is It Really? Essay

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Abortion for most religions is seen as a sin or something to be damned for all eternity but people who are realistic would say statistically it is the right thing to do. Abortion what is it really? Abortion is a way to terminate a pregnancy, there are many laws and regulations to an abortion also ways a woman can terminate depending on how far the pregnancy is. If a woman carrying the child does not want to care for it or would not potentially give the child the proper nurturing they would deserve they should have the right to abort. “The author believes that forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies enslaves women because such women are no longer free to make decisions about their own bodies without interference from the government”
(Beenfeldt, Christian)
There should always be a safe way to terminate a pregnancy, WHO or the world health organization says 110,000 woman undergo illegal abortions and die from them each year and six times more end up injuring themselves. This is giving a woman who wishes to terminate a safe judgement free place to not be physically harmed. “The American Psychological Association concludes that there is no scientifically valid support or evidence for the so-called "post-abortion syndrome" of psychological trauma or deep depression. The most frequent response women report after having ended a problem pregnancy is relief, and the majority are satisfied that they made the right decision for themselves.”(Susan Dudley)
When the question comes up “well can’t the mother could always put the baby up for adoption?” Adoption is not an alternative to abortion. The children in foster homes are mentally, emotionally and in most cases physically abused from the people who take them in. There are tons of arti...

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...n Europe. And dozens of pedophiles from Western Europe travel regularly to Romania because of its reputation as a country where children are desperate and vulnerable.” (Arthur,Joyce)
In conclusion, instead of having children wander the streets alone and unloved woman should always have the option to terminate their pregnancy. Abortion can save children from never knowing a life without love and abandonment, it can save women from being burdened and never being able to accomplish more in life. Look at pro choice in a different perspective, think of how many children you can save from a horrible life. Pro choice is no one else 's choice but the woman who is bearing the fetus. Abortion is needed to reduce poverty,child abuse, child abandonment, crime, woman being injured; mentally, physically, emotionally, and can save a woman 's life from life threatening pregnancies.

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