Abortion Is Immoral Or Not? Essay examples

Abortion Is Immoral Or Not? Essay examples

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The question of whether abortion is considered immoral or not has long since been debated.
The most commonly argued point when determining the morality of abortion is that of personhood of the fetus. A question frequently asked is “At what point does an embryo or fetus become a person?” Pro-Life groups will tell you that personhood begins at conception, whereas the majority of Pro-Choice groups will say that the ability to survive outside of the womb is necessary to be a human being. However, to answer the question on the morality of abortion, several other points have been made that disregard the question of personhood altogether, which will be further discussed here.
The Pro-Life opinion for the most part entails the belief that “human personhood begins at conception and a fertilized ovum or fetus has the right to full moral and legal rights of personhood.” (Abortion Debate). With such rights, to kill by abortion is considered murder. Don Marquis avoids the personhood debate and puts forth the notion that abortion is immoral based on the “future like ours” defense. Marquis places an emphasis on the value of the future to explain why abortion is immoral, claiming that a fetus has the same future as an adult person and as that of a young child. He argues that if it then is morally wrong to kill an adult or young child, then it is also wrong to kill a fetus. Marquis uses the same argument to then justify the use of euthanasia by claiming that there may not be value in the future for the individual. He denies the notion that this argument may then consider contraceptives to be wrong as well by arguing that there are too many possible combinations of ovum and sperm to be able to identify a “subject of the loss in the case of cont...

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...ould have the right to make that moral decision to proceed with an abortion. I do not feel that any other person should be able to force a woman to grow a fetus to full term and birth it as an infant. The option of adoption is irrelevant in my opinion as that is not an option until a baby has been born. A woman does not have the option to give her fetus to another person for them to continue development until birth. The fetus is entirely dependent on the woman to make the choice to grow a fetus. I conclude with a statement made by Jeffrey Nall, ‘The time has come to honor the greatness and awe-inspiring character of generating and choosing to birth new life; the time has come to see through a patriarchal haze that warps human relations—with others and the natural world, and fully honor the right of pregnant women to determine how to conduct their pregnancies.” (Nall)

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