Abortion Is A Practice That Many Find Immoral Essay

Abortion Is A Practice That Many Find Immoral Essay

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Abortion is a practice that many find immoral. This medical procedure allows a woman to terminate a pregnancy within the first few weeks. This issue has caused an uproar from both sides, to consider the question of the morality of the issue. While watching John Oliver, I have found some statements, made by him, explaining why abortion is important and why he is pro-choice. He claims that abortion is ok in certain circumstance, especially rape, the possibility of death, and or defects to the mother or baby. But ultimately, he thinks whatever the reason, the woman can choose to terminate. He also claims that it is within her rights to make such a decision.
He begins his argument by reviewing the law. He explains that abortion laws can no longer be understood by the Roe v. Wade case. Roe v. Wade protected women and allow them to get an abortion during the first trimester. Oliver pointed out that Planned Parenthood v. Casey is the major case we should discuss, when, it comes to placing laws on the issue. He wanted to point out that in the final conclusion of the case, which stated "An u...

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