Abortion Is A Medical Or Surgical Procedure Essay

Abortion Is A Medical Or Surgical Procedure Essay

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An abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. Abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973. Although abortion was illegal before 1973, many women found people who would help them end their abortion which resulted in harming the woman, increased risk with future pregnancies and sometimes death. Abortions can be performed surgically or medically by taking a drug called mifepristone, also known as the abortion pill (Online Collection).

Abortion is a topic that “touches on various ethical, social, and legal issues” (Online Collection). Those that are against abortion are part of the pro-life movement. Those that are pro-life believe that life begins at conception and that an embryo or fetus has rights and therefore abortion is wrong (Online Collection). They believe that abortion is wrong and is considered murder. They also feel that abortion goes against religious beliefs and is morally unjustified. They also feel that abortion will lead to a decline in population growth (Napolitano). Those that support abortions are part of the pro-choice movement and believe that it is a women’s right to decide if she wants to terminate a pregnancy. Those that are pro-choice argue that an embryo or fetus is not considered a person until birth, so therefore embryos and fetuses shouldn’t have any rights or be protected. Then there are those who have moderate views on abortion. They believe that “abortion can be justified” but not in all cases (Online Collection). There are three concerns that those with moderate views consider when deciding if an abortion is ethical “the status of the fetus, the rights of both a woman and a fetus, and whether the harm of restricting abortion outweighs the loss of life cause...

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...t is necessary to “exist independently outside of the womb” and therefore killing unborn children is ethically wrong (Napolitano). Anti- abortionists also believe that modern feminism underrates motherhood and the sacrifices parents make in order to have children. With more than a million abortions being performed annually it seems abortion has become a “routine medical procedure” taking little or no consideration at all of its consequences (Williams). Convenience and comfort have become more important than the “right to life” (Williams). Women can choose to dispose of unborn children whenever they choose to as if they are property. Anti-abortionists have many reasons to be against abortion, mainly being that it is immoral because human life starts at conception and therefore abortion is murder. To pro-life advocates, abortion is as barbaric and inhumane as slavery.

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