Abortion Is A Hot Topic Essay

Abortion Is A Hot Topic Essay

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The topic of this research paper is abortions. Abortion is a hot topic and everyone has their own views and opinions on them. People have different views on abortion due to religious background, political party, gender and age. What is an abortion one might ask. An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often preformed the first twenty eight weeks of pregnancy. This topic is very important because peoples views very so much. Some people do not agree with abortion because they think that is like killing a living person, other people think if they are not ready for a child this might be the best option. From this case study i hope to learn more about the laws of abortion and how they vary from state to state. I am going to be comparing Illinois and Alabama and there different laws and views against abortions. I am also going to compare the amount of abortions they give each year and the requirements and restrictions of getting an abortion. Some specific questions i am hoping to find answers to are what is the federal law on abortions, can states make up their own laws on abortion, which states are more strict on abortions and which states are more lenient and why, and who uses abortions.
When did abortion laws become legal and why? Abortion became legal on January twenty second, nineteen seventy three in America. The Roe Vs Wade court case is the case that legalized abortions in the United States. The case involved Roe, which was an unmarried pregnant women who wanted to safely and legally end her pregnancy. The court sided with Roe and allowed her to get an abortion and legalized it. In the courts ruling they realized that in the constitutional right to privacy a women can make her own decision to termi...

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...ide weather or not they want to have an abortion. Democrats strongly agree with the Roe vs Wade case. As much as they support a women’s decision to abortion they also would like to decrease the amount of abortions happening. They strongly support planned parenthood and they also support education kids about safe sex and birth control. Alabama is a republican state and they are more against abortion then they are for abortion. Republicans believe that the fourteenth applies to all people even unborn children. The fourteenth amendment gives rights and equal protection to all. Republicans do not like the fact that public revenues go to abortion and the fact healthcare covers abortions. Some republicans are okay with abortions to women who were raped or babies of incest, but other republicans are agains infringement of an unborn baby no matter what.(republicanviews.org)

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