Abortion Is A Common Occurrence

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Abortion One of today’s most controversial topics is abortion. Abortions are very common that for every five babies born there is one baby that is killed because of abortion. Everybody has their own opinion on abortion. Some people say abortion is the killing of a human. But some fail to realize when life actually do begins. Abortion is an removal of the product of conception before the embryo or fetus is viable. Any interruption of the human pregnancy prior to the 28th week is known as abortion. Abortion can be encouraged or medical problems or reasons, or because of an elective decision to end the gestation. Abortion is a common occurrence throughout the world. 46 million/ 22 percent of all pregnancies worldwide are ended because of abortions. There are four different types of abortions. 90 percent of all abortions in first trimester are safe. If abortion is performed later in pregnancy there would be a lot of serious complications. Suction curettage is the most common early procedure. Suction curettage can be done in between the seventh and twelfth week of a pregnancy. In this process a thin plastic tube is inserted through the birth canal in the cervix and into the cavity of the uterus. Then a suction is applied to suck out all contents. If all contents are not removed, a knife like instrument is inserted the same way to scrape the lining of the uterus. There are rarely any complications, if complications occur they are not serious. If a woman is between twelve to twenty weeks pregnant, she will have to do a dilation and evacuation also known as D&E. With this procedure the cervix is dilated over a number of hours by being put into the cervical canal, soft materials, that soaks up moisture and expands. After this has been done... ... middle of paper ... ...though making that abortion is a fundamental right the court denied the plaintiffs argument. In conclusion abortionists were shocked by the Roe decision. Legal systems regulate the practice of abortion. (Steven G) Some places/states allows a young teenaged girl to get an abortion if she wants to. Some states may need to tell the parent of the teenaged girl. Some people are scared that if a parent is notified, the young girl would attempt to find other ways to abort the child in a more harmful way. According to the institute, as of December 1,2004: Thirty-two states may need some parental participation in the teen’s decision about abortion. Eighteen states needs parental consent; Two states need both parent, mom and dad. Fourteen states needs parent to be notified; Two states need both parents, mom and dad. (Hinds) Everything a minor does is by law kept confidential.
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