Essay about The Abortion Decision Making Process

Essay about The Abortion Decision Making Process

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Making unexpected decisions about health issues is often difficult; making decisions around an unplanned pregnancy is no different. For many women, an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the first times that they have had to deal with a decision about their health and the course of their life. If you experience and unplanned pregnancy you have three options: Continuing the pregnancy and raising the child, continuing the pregnancy and placing the child up for adoption or terminating the pregnancy by abortion.
The influence of social norms, family, and friends play a large role, in whether women decide on having an abortion. The qualitative perspectives on abortion decision making among teenage women in Sweden states that “Without the partner’s support and agreement on how to cope with the eventual parenthood, women viewed abortion as the only reasonable solution.” (Ekstrand, M.,Tyden, T., Darj, E., & Larsson, M. (2009)) . In North America, social norms regarding unplanned pregnancies allow for women to talk with friends, family, and doctors before making their decision. That being said many women feel alone, uncomfortable or scared in discussing their situation. With men and women continually having sex at younger ages, many women are making rash or irrational decisions about their unplanned pregnancy.
The case study An illusion of Power: Qualitative Perspectives on Abortion Decision Making Among Teenage Women in Sweden demonstrates how social norms, family and partners play a role in the decision process. A total of 25 women aged 16-20 were interviewed 3-4 weeks postabortion. Almost all the women stated that they were in charge of contraceptive use and not their male partner. This is a startling fact because it places a great d...

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...ed with an unplanned pregnancy may feel these pressures are too hard to handle by having a child at such an early age. Making decisions that are not fully thought through can lead to depression, drug use, and suicide.

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