Essay on Abortion: Consider Adoption

Essay on Abortion: Consider Adoption

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How would you feel if someone took away your ability to live and have a future? You wouldn't have the opportunity to crawl, take your first step, have your first kiss, or experience those butterflies in your stomach at the sight of first love. Millions of special moments, a life, shredded to pieces. This is essentially what abortion does. Abortion is not the answer in the case of an unplanned pregnancy and needs to be stopped! First of all, abortion is a type of unnecessary murder that occurs in inhumane ways and cannot be tolerated. Moreover, there are alternatives to abortion and many families who are looking to adopt. Lastly, the side effects of abortion can cause life threatening health risks to the mother. Excuses will always be made, but the bottom line is that abortion is not acceptable and should be stopped.
No upstanding and sane person would ever sanction mass murder; and yet, by supporting abortion that is just what is happening. Every day 3,238 babies are killed in brutal ways inside the womb through processes such as dilation and curettage, where a loop shaped knife is used to cut the baby into pieces, then its body parts are checked in case any parts remain in the mother ("Abortion"). Even worse, such statistics do not include the abortions that take place due to contraceptives and the “morning after pills”. However, the most horrific aspect of this aside form sickening medical procedures and toxic medicine is the culprits. Parents, the two most important people who are supposed to protect their children, have deserted them and left them vulnerable, sentenced to death.
There will always be counter arguments but all are refutable. One may ask: what about rape victims, teenage pregnancy and threats to the mother'...

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