Abortion - Another Day Another Dead Baby Essay

Abortion - Another Day Another Dead Baby Essay

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Abortion is not the solution to your problems. Murder is not acceptable“[in] regard to innocent human existence” (Judie, Evangelisto). Only “God should decide who lives or dies, and that applies to the ‘preborn’ as well as the born” (Judie, Evangelisto). Ever since the 1973 Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion, it has been an extremely debated issue. Still, legalizing something doesn’t necessarily make it morally appropriate. This is the circumstance with abortion; therefore, it should be illegal since it is unethical, violates human rights, and is a form of genocide.
First and foremost, the practice of abortion is unethical by any standard. Abortion violates all I stand for as a Christian. Isaiah 49:1 warns, “Listen to me, o islands, and pay attention, you people from afar, the LORD called me from the womb. From the body of my mother he names me.” Also, Jeremiah 1:5 states, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you, I have appointed you a profit to the nations.” Those two verses mention that God has a plan for everyone to be born. Who is worthy enough to temper with our creators plans? “The death of the innocent should always be the result of ‘natural causes,’” (Judie, Evangelist). GOD should decide who lives or dies.
Other than abortion being unethical, abortion extinguishes human rights. At the moment of conception, that person exists. Although other people believe that life begins at birth there for when a person begins to breathe and function on his/her own we are a person. Understand that we don’t magically come from anywhere; we must grow and mature, enough to survive on our own. This doesn’t mean that we are still a part of another person. This idea can be re...

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