Abortion And The Protection Of Unborn Children Essay

Abortion And The Protection Of Unborn Children Essay

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Growing week by week becoming the best it can be so it can make its parents proud, learning its mother’s and father’s voice, starting to kick and suck its tiny thumb. This baby has its own eye colour, hair colour and its personality is already determined. This mini version of previous generations is developing, fast! All its biological systems are ready, all it needs to do now is grow. If only it could understand what the doctors talking about, it starts to feel irritated at this sharp object at its tiny feet…
Abortion did and still does continue to cast a shadow upon ethical rights. For example, does the mother have rights over her unborn child? Is it acceptable to entwine the mother’s rights with a separate being just because they share the same body for nine months? Abortion is considered legal in most countries unarguably this is unsettling for advocates of the anti-abortion campaigners, one being the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). If you cast yourself into the mother’s thoughts you may be able to see her personal reasoning for her choices. However, put yourself in the position of your baby, one who is growing with their mother’s and father’s characteristics and DNA to meet the outside world, possibly unaware that their own mother could be sitting In the doctor’s office planning how she will slaughter her own flesh and blood. Abortion can be bypassed with certain precautions and options regarding the life of an unborn child. I stand firmly in the anti-abortion category. Abortion continues to be a major issue in society and clearly needs to be resolved.
An issue for Ireland is the abortion Act of 1976 as it does not extend to Northern Ireland: it believes that performing an abortion in Northern Ireland is...

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...rgue this statement as highly ironic as how can anyone state abortion is a safe procedure, especially giving the outcome of infanticide. Guilt is also a major defect, once the woman has reached a stage in her life where she is now ready to settle down and have kids, she will never forget the fact that there was one child she just did not love enough to keep.
In conclusion, abortion itself is not showcased to its entirety, it is very much in the dark. A baby should have its own separate rights as it as an individual. Infanticide continues to be a strong issue in today’s society. I personally believe abortion is wrong, this baby has no knowledge of its surroundings, it can be considered senseless of the outside world. Each baby is subconsciously added to the list of millions of babies victimised of infanticide because it is not convenient for the parents or the family.

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