Abortion And The Controversial Issue Of Abortion Essay

Abortion And The Controversial Issue Of Abortion Essay

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In the medical field it is no revelation that abortion would be high on the controversial issue list. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human fetus normally within the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy. My position has always been strong towards pro-life. There are no need for abortions. There are many topics that I plan to explain and 4 articles to help me prove my point. There are questions in the article Why Pro-Life such as, “A fetus isn 't a human being. Why should a woman have to give birth to an unwanted child? Shouldn 't abortion be legal in cases of rape and incest? What if there 's something wrong with the baby? What about contraceptives? Abortions help women, why question it?” In this paper, all of these topics will be discussed and explained as to why abortion is irrelevant.
The articles that were chosen to help with the pro-life stance were, Why Pro-Life? ESLBEE, Pros and Cons of Abortion, and 10 Important Facts About Abortion. The Why Pro-Life article was the most helpful article as it stated questions from pro-choice advocates and summarized as to why they were incorrect. ESLBEE was also a helpful article because it helped explain the guilt women go through when having an abortion and how it actually complicates their lives more through basic values, religion and psychologically. Pros and Cons of Abortion article was more towards a pro-choice stance so it was helpful to see why people think it is acceptable. 10 Important Facts About Abortion was also more towards pro-choice but it 's helpful because it contains percentages in it such as how many pregnancies are unwanted in the U.S. (49%).
The argument that a fetus isn 't a human being I feel couldn 't be more of a false statement. Fetus is Latin in origin...

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...igher drug and alcohol abuse rates, higher thoughts or attempts at suicide, and they are more likely to become an abusive parent then other women. They are also more likely to seek hospitalization or counseling for their depression.
Unborn babies are not responsible for their mother 's actions. They should have the chance to grow into a person, nobody knows what kind of potential lies in the hands of these fetus ', one could have a cure for cancer, or become the next president, but if they are aborted, we would never know. Everyone should think before they act if they can depending on the circumstances. There will never be anything known as an unwanted child, so don 't make a hasty decision out of fear, there will always be other options, check all your options before pinpointing your decision. Everyone deserves a chance, even if it isn 't with the biological family.

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