Abortion And Its Effect On Society Essay

Abortion And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Abortion provides women the opportunity to choose between pregnancy. Many individuals find abortion to be beneficial on account of their financial status in life, among other factors such as single mothers who cannot afford a child and people who are unfit or unable to support a child. This topic pins individuals against each other in every corner of the world. Many see it as immoral, while others oppose the issue due to their religion. Supporters of pro-life more often than not are influenced by their religious views on the issue; as a result, those who oppose it, often try to force and push their beliefs onto others. Pro-life doesn’t allow women to have control of their bodies and their reproductive rights. Considering these ideas woman should have the opportunity to choose between abortion choice, in addition other individuals should not have a say in the choices of women pertaining to their bodily first amendment rights.
A Pro-choice allows women the option to choose whether or not they bring a child into this world that has profound abnormalities. In some cases a woman 's fetus will develop a disease where death is certain upon birth or shortly after. One example of a disease the fetus could develop is anencephaly. Anencephaly is the disease where the brain is missing and death is almost certain soon after death. Down Syndrome is another disease the fetus could develop, however not life threatening. This nonfatal disease causes many health risks if the child is born; furthermore a child born with this defect has a 50% chance of having a congenital heart defect, the life expectancy is shortened and in some cases 17% of children born with Down Syndrome don’t make it to age twenty. The severity of these diseases further provide...

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...he ability to choose between abortion would not only be immoral, but would also be a direct violation of their constitutional rights.
A woman should be able to choose what she does and what is best for her. This should be the case for all women. It provides them with their reproductive rights and allows them to make their own decision based on what they want to do with their bodies. People should live how they want to, not how others want them to live it. Arguing over abortion is an issue that demonstrates to the public how far we have yet to come as a nation, and how many opposed to the idea of abortion are ignorant to its idea. When abortion is accepted with the general public, we as a nation, will be able to move onto other more important worldly issues. Simply put, as of now abortion is just a petty argument for those of us who are ignorant enough to get involved.

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