Essay about Abortion And Controversy And Crisis

Essay about Abortion And Controversy And Crisis

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Within America, abortion has been a controversial issue for many years. Additionally, there have always been issues about killing the fetus or the embryo and not giving them the right to life. Consequently, many protestors view abortion as being a legal form of murder and protests against abortion has voiced their opinion throughout the world. Thus, individuals can become careless and engage in sex without using a contraceptive device, and when they become pregnant they terminate the pregnancy. Consequently, protestors view this as being unacceptable. On the other hand, it is often debated that women have the right to choose their own reproductive capacity and they feel abortion is a great way to exemplify this. Additionally others believe no one can force a woman to carry a child for nine months with all the different health risks unless it becomes solely her choice. Therefore, this brief research will explore the opposition to abortion and controversy and crisis and answer the following questions:
1. What is the definition of abortions?
2. What is the impact that abortion has the embryo and the fetus?
3. What are women’s rights on abortion?
4. What are the health risks of abortion?
5. What are ways to prevent abortion?
Hence, the cost of abortions is very expensive, and they have severe health risks women have the right to make their own decisions. Thus, many will not agree with abortion, there isn’t anything they can do to contest it. Abortion is typically the sole choice of that individual.


What is the Opposition to Abortion and Controversy and Crisis?
Abortion has been a controversial issue in America for many years. Additionally, many protestors view abortio...

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...e intercourse of their own free will because they are the only populace who are in control of what they choose to do. Also, if a woman chooses to have intercourse, whether she uses protection or not, will totally become her responsibility to take ownership of the situation and deal with the consequences. Therefore, if women become pregnant, it is their personal choice whether it was planned or


unplanned. Therefore, an abortion is a choice and in life women must make their choices very responsibility. Also, America must realize that women are in control of their own bodies no one should judge them or ridicule them for deciding to have an abortion. We all make mistakes and when this life shall no longer exist, we will not have to decide if the individual will be condemned for the decision they made.

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