Essay on Abortion : A Woman's Reproductive Right

Essay on Abortion : A Woman's Reproductive Right

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Abortion can be said to be an induced process or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, result in, or caused by, its death. Sometimes this can occur spontaneously as a miscarriage. It can also be artificially induced through chemical, surgical or other means. This is induced termination or miscarriage occurs before the twenty weeks of gestation. The induced termination has been a source of debate as well as controversy throughout the history of mankind. This means the position on abortion depends on two factors which include ones personal belief on the morality of induced abortion. The other factor is the government’s limit of authority.
A woman has a right to her life. There are human rights which are applicable to every person. These rights should be applied without any form of discrimination and the most vital right is the right to life. A woman has a right to pursue her rights and this includes happiness and this may mean to have abortion. Just like men have their rights in life, a woman need this freedom in this matter because it shapes her reproductive choices. Internationally, reproductive rights are recognized.
These rights help to advance women’s human rights and promotion of development. In modern days, the world has begun to advance reproductive rights to some degree. They have come up with some formal methods as ways indicating the government’s effort’s of promoting reproductive rights. This means a woman has a right to control her body and hence exercise body rights.

The international covenant on civil and political rights do not allow arbitrary deprivation of life although there are controversial issues related to the supreme right which include the question of right to abortion. The most import...

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...ew to every one that do not consider unborn foetus. In this regard the right of a woman to her private life has therefore been the basis on which a number of international bodies hold the right of a mother to abort. Because of the right to freedom of expression and access to information, it has helped to argue for the right of to get on information about this subject of abortion options.
The right of abortion is therefore important since it has helped to consider the mothers life. The abortion option also is vital because it gives the mother the right to make decision freely and be responsible for the number and child spacing which is also an important factor in improving the mother’s life. Because of change of time as well as in technology, the general view is that a pregnant mother should not be restricted but be permitted to abort in case her life is in danger.

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